19 August 2017

Do Microfiber Cloths Really Remove Makeup? FaceOff Makeup Removal Cloth Review

I was recently sent a microfiber cloth from the Canadian brand Face Off. A FaceOff Cloth is free of all detergents and chemicals. It's made of 80% polyester and 20% polymide. They've attached their logo to it and a little hoop for hanging the cloth up to dry. There whole marketing pitch is that the cloth gently removes makeup with no additional products needed, leaves skin feeling clean and smooth and simplifies your nightly cleansing routine.

Microfiber Cloth Faceoff Face Off Makeup Eraser erase your face wonder cloth review magic flatlay marble bbloggerca

General Thoughts
I've use the cloth for over a week and I have to say, it absolutely removes a good majority of makeup and truly simplifies removing my makeup at night. I feel you can't rely on a warm, damp microfiber cloth to remove all your makeup (makeup fills into pores!) but it removes 50-85% off it. As long as your makeup isn't waterproof, this will easily remove most of it. Some waterproof makeup might not be removed. This cloth saves a ton of time and money over dissolving your makeup with a makeup remover or oil. It's a lot less messy than any other makeup removal routine i've had. The only downside I can see is the tugging of your skin when wiping the makeup away. Although it's soft, a light amount of pressure and pull is needed to remove your makeup. I don't want to stop using it because it significantly simplifies the tedious process of removing makeup. My anti-wrinkle plan it to be more gentle with it and when needed, add a little oil to give it more slip.

The cloth
There are two different sides to cloth, just like a bath towel.

All my makeup hand washed away from the cloth with the exception of the Viseart Editorial Palette pigments (pigmented neon eyeshadows). But I let my cloth sit in hot water and soap for 5 minutes, and it came almost completely clean. I washed mine with a 1:1 ratio of Dr. Bronners Castille Soap and dishwashing soap.

I would recommend this over the $24 CAD Makeup Eraser for the cost savings. I'm sure they do the same job. As for the difference between the FaceOff Cloth and a household microfiber cloth; it's probably the use of chemicals and dyes (and cost). Long story short, I recommend it!!

Where to Buy
This is a Canadian company so sold at a lot of Canadian vendors. You can find the cloth at Well.ca and Hudson's Bay for $13 CAD or on FaceOffCloth.com.

*Provided for reviewing purposes.

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17 August 2017

Sormè Illuminizing Highlighter Stick Review *

Another 'win' from Sormè  Cosmetics! These are great cream highlighters! I think they *might* be similar to how the Pat Mcgrath Skin Fetish Kits look on the skin.  They give a natural INTENSE, dewy-looking shine. That's as simple as I can describe it. I am in love with the shade Ethereal for my skin. They also have a more bronze shade.

Shades: The shade Ethereal is a fairly neutral champagne pink. There's not a lot of pigmentation in it, but it's just like a spotlight on your face. It looks beautiful. The shade Celestial is a light bronze highlight. It's a little too dark for my pale skin (unless I tan). It would be amazing on deeper skin tones.

Likes & General Ramblings: I love a highlighter that doesn't look like shimmer or glitter on my face. Something that gives a dewy looking 'pow!'. This highlighter stick does that for me. It's very creamy, so easily applies and blends out with your finger. If you have full coverage foundation on, you will of course need to be more careful blending it out. Unlike a liquid highlighter, this won't dissolve your makeup as easily- perfect. It is oil based, so it has potential to slip around oily skin but I don't think it's something you need to worry about.

Dislike: The only thing I don't like is how the metal part of the packaging jiggles around easily. I'd like it to feel a little more sturdy and luxurious, but it's not a big deal to me.

Product Amount: 0.4oz / 11.5g

Price & Where To Buy: You can buy these at skincaremakeupshop.com for $24 USD. I would also check out if Cosmoprof sells them yet.

Buy or Pass: These are hard to get your hands on. But I love them. I would buy the shade Ethereal again if I could buy it for minimal shipping or in store.

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6 August 2017

Best & Worst Beauty Blender Dupes (2017 NEW Drugstore & Cruelty Free)

What is best beauty blender dupe cruelty free real techniques complexion sponge sculpting sponge ebay dupe eco tools perfecting sponge
What is best beauty blender dupe cruelty free real techniques complexion sponge sculpting sponge ebay dupe eco tools perfecting sponge best and worst review tested

The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

$11 US./$14.09 CAD  for 2 on official site. $20 CAD FOR 2 on Farleyco
This sponge is a great choice. In my opinion, it's the second best option out of all the sponges i'm talking about. I loveeee it but I have not had it long and it's ripped so much! It's the easiest to rip out of all the sponges. It's slightly less squishy than the BB. It's about equal in squishiness to the RT Sculpting Sponge. It's very expandable when wet. It's less porous than the BB. Very soft texture. It's one of the sponges that steals the least amount of foundation. The shape is great and i've had no lines stamped on my face.

Buy or Pass?
Buy, but don't cry when you find it covered in tears.

The Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge

 $6 USD / $7.70 CAD on official website. $10.50 CAD on farleyco
This sponge is not intended to apply foundation, yet it's my favourite. It's absolutely not perfect. The shape is all wrong for foundation. I get lines stamped on my face easily. But at the same time, the shape it pretty useful for getting in tight spaces and sculpting. It also get's dents in it easily. I love this sponge because I find it very similar to the BB in bounciness, feel, size, expandability etc. It's maybe a little less squishy than the BB and about equal in bounciness to the RT Sculpting Sponge. It feels pretty hard when dry but get's super squishy when wet. It's very expandable when wet and doesn't steal much product at all. A little less porous than the BB and a little more soft in texture as well. I really think I like this more than the RT Complexion sponge although it has that stamping issue.

Buy or Pass?

Eco Tools Perfecting Duo

Eco tools Perfecting Duo review vs original beauty blender comparison dupe
$10 USD/ $13.93 CAD on their website. $15.99 CAD on farleyco
Light Green Sponge
I love this sponge! It's very similar in size to the BB. I wish they sold it separately! It's very expandable when wet. It doesn't steal all my foundation. It's around the squishiness of the BB and RT sponges. It's the least porous out of all the sponges mentioned and is the absolute softest feeling. I've experienced no rips or dents yet.

Darker Green Sponge
I don't like this sponge :( It steals a lot of foundation and just isn't that squishy. It's one of the most rough feeling in texture and was easy for me to get a dent in it. It expands a lot when wet to be pretty huge. Great shape but just not ideal in my opinion for the above reasons. 

Buy or Pass?
On the fence. I love the light green sponge but don't like the dark green. I'd wait to see if they sell them separately. 

Ebay/Aliexpress Dupe/Replica

fake beauty blender ebay dupe aliexpress vs real beauty blender replica

What a horrible sponge this was. Good job on the packaging but the dupe is nothing like a BB. It's super hard, smells bad, steals all your foundation and doesn't expand. I bought it for $3 CAD here.

Buy or Pass?
*Cat hiss*

fake beauty blender ebay dupe aliexpress vs real beauty blender replica

Thank you to Farleyco for sending over the Real Techniques and Eco Tools Sponge. You can check out their online store here.

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26 July 2017

ISA Professional Digital Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener Review

What I like:
This iron gets HOT. It goes up to 450 degrees F. It actually displays the gradual increase in temperature so you know when it hits the temperature you want. No need to touch the iron to see if it's getting hot. It only takes seconds for it to heat up.

I LOVE the shape of it. It's very sleek, light, long and rounded. It's perfect. You can achieve any style with it! You can get curls, waves and straight hair depending on your technique.

I mostly use it to give myself finger-waves and it always leaves my hair feeling so smooth. My hair has never been caught in the device's plates. That's a first. My hair always easily glides through it. I can take huge sections of hair to style because it gets hot enough to heat through.

This device will shut off automatically after an hour. Big thumbs up for not burning the house down.

What I dislike
The device also looks a little more cheap than I expected it would for $150 CAD. I might be being too picky though. My device seems to make a little ticking noise when the internal parts heat up. A little off putting. Lastly, I do notice a scent when it heats up, but that will probably go away with use.

Price and Availability:
You can buy this device at the Isa Professional website for $129 USD or $150 CAD with free shipping to America and Canada. You can also buy it on Amazon. You get a 2 year warranty for all devices.

Buy or Pass?
I'm very happy with how it performs! It's sooo easy to use and is very diverse. I think the price is reasonable because you get a 2 year warranty and free shipping. I definitely recommend it.

*provided for consideration. 

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11 July 2017

Dr. Sholls Cheer Shootie Review & Shoe Warehouse Review

I have found the perfect heeled shoe. It's casual but classy. It's comfortable as hell. It's easy to walk in and will never fall off my foot. It's also got great traction so I won't walk like a giraffe on ice. I have never loved a shoe more.

This is the Dr. Sholls Cheer Shootie in black. They also have the same one is a tan shade. It's Dr. Sholls, so you can imagine it's comfortable. The heel is wide and not too high so very manageable for those who can't walk in heels (like me).

Price and Availability:
I've waited a year to get these shoes because I wanted to buy them on sale. I rarely pay full price for an item. I managed to get these for about $46 CAD, at the Shoe Warehouse. You can also find them elsewhere. Right now they are $54 CAD online. These were originally $90 CAD! The Shoe Warehouse is legit amazing. They have great sales. I went in store to buy these but they didn't have my size. They shipped a pair of my size to my house free of charge (I paid for the shoes of course) and I got them 2 days later! The cashier also signed me up for their rewards program. I can't remember the specifics (and their website link is broken right now) but I got $10 towards my next purchase. I think shipping would have cost me $8 online, which makes no sense that they shipped it to free to me from a physical store. I had originally called another store and the girl said that they could order a pair for me to pick up in store but not send it to my home. So, i'm confused but it all worked out for me :)

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4 July 2017

St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse Review | Self Tanning Tips

I've really never cared about if I was tan or pale but sometimes you feel like not being pale for a little bit. I've always wanted to try a tanning mousse because I just can't get the tan I had as a kid, running around outside and swimming. I don't like the idea of skin damage anymore. St. Tropez is one of the most popular tanning companies out there. They're very effective and good at what they do.

For an iconic, natural, and healthy-looking tan, this newly formulated, lightweight classic mousse tailors to your individual skin tone, for that longest-lasting tan in one application. It’s streak-free, easy to apply, quick-drying, non-sticky with no transfer, and ultra-hydrating. Plus, it has no self tan smell, yet features a new mood-boosting fragrance.

First Time Experience:
My first time using it, it went nearly smoothly. I had 3 hiccups. The first 'mistake I made' was I let water drip down my arm and hour after application. You literally cannot get wet for a few hours of your initial coating. I ended up walking about with a pale line on my arm for a week. The second mistake I made was not moisturizing my knees enough. If you don't, you will have much tanner knees (is that a word?). The third mistake is I didn't do a good job applying it to my feet. They my feet looked pale and my ankles darker.

Woops. This one's my fault.
Here's a guideline so you don't screw up when using it for the first time.

  • Exfoliate your whole body the day before.
  • Moistuire your extra dry areas before application. If you're applying to your face, exfoliate and moisturize VERY well.
  • Use a tanning mitt to apply an even coating. Nothing else will work. 
  • Apply everywhere your skin will be seen by others. Don't forget behind the ears!
  • Strive for about 1-2 even coatings per area. 2 pumps for your arm is good.
  • Don't get wet for at least 5 hours! No sweating. No washing dishes. Nothing.

Review Continued:
I really like it because it gives a natural looking tan that lasts at least a week. I had a friend that years ago, was always orange from her tanning products. This doesn't really do that. The first day I lean to a more natural orange. By day 3, it looks like a real tan. On to the things I don't like. You literally need to take a day off when using this. You can't go to an important event on the day you apply it because you'll smell strong and can't get wet. For a day, I smell strongly of a fragrance type smell I don't care for and wouldn't feel comfortable going out with. If it was vanilla, that's a different story. If it was scentless, even better! I'm also conscious of the fact that I glow. It looks nice but I don't like the idea of being covered in what's similar to makeup. After a shower, the smell and glow leaves, and I feel much better.

Applied to top arm.
Price and Availability:
You can find St Tropez everwhere. Shoppers, Sephora, Murale, Hudsons Bay, Beauty Bay etc. The applicator mitt costs $6.50 US or $9 CAD. The Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse costs $32 US or $42 CAD for the smaller size (4 fl oz). 

Buy or Pass?
I'm definitely happy with how my tan looks and how long it lasts! I recommend it. I would be very happy with it if it was scentless and 

*provided for consideration. 

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3 July 2017

Furless Cosmetics Loose Pigment Eyeshadow | Swatches, Review & Pressing ...

SHAMELESS (yellow)

IMMORAL (lavender purple)

HUMILIATE (chocolate brown)

VISCIOUS (gun metal silver)

*provided for consideration & affiliatte links

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28 June 2017

REVIEW | Is Dermaflash Cruelty Free? Is it better than a Tinkle Razor? Does Shaving Cause Acne?

Customer Service Experience:
I have a fuzzy face. And as a half Italian, a lot of the fuzz is thicker and darker. When I saw the Dermaflash being recommended in a video, I got that 'have to try it feeling because it's probably better than what I use' feeling. As a newly cruelty free blogger, I dropped the ball on this one though. I asked Dermaflash if they were cruelty free and their workers said yes twice (and yes I have 'receipts'). I emailed their customer service email. I pondered at their animal testing statement and the fact that it clearly said they were not cruelty free yet the customer service rep told me they were. So I sent about 3 more emails asking the hard questions (from different email accounts) and they wouldn't budge. They dodged all my questions so I eventually let them know how I felt about that. Consumers have the right to easily find these things out. They suggested I called their 1-800 number and I did. Whoever I talked to said that the device was not tested on animals but the skincare product ingredients were... So Dermaflash is not cruelty free. Logical Harmony, feel free to update your website.

Animal Testing Statement:
DERMAFLASH does not conduct testing for any purposes other than worker, environment or consumer safety. DERMAFLASH Regulatory Affairs, in accordance with guidance from the US FDA, OSHA, EU and other international regulatory agencies only perform approved alternatives to animal tests. DERMAFLASH does not conduct or contract animal testing on finished products.

Device Experience:
After testing the Dermaflash, I have to say it worked well. It forces you to be gentle which is good. It's not super sharp and doesn't cut the hair too close to my face. I can get a much closer shave with my Ebay Tinkle though. With the Dermaflash, I feel more stubble. The good thing about that is it's less likely to give you acne, though neither have for me anyways. The Dermaflash was no faster than my usual face shaving method. It does take time to set it up and learn how to safely use it and charge it. Dermaflash tells you to not reuse a blade more than once. You can manage to get maybe 2 to 3 shaves on different occasions out of one razor but once the battery runs out, that's it, you are forced to remove the blade so you can charge it.. It's actually designed amazingly. I personally would like to shave my face twice a month, so using a new blade twice a month is not economical for me.

Cleanse & Smooth Step:
Ironically the cleanser and moisturizer are nothing special. If Dermaflash is considered to not be cruelty free because of those two items, what are you doing!? How many good cruelty free cleansers and moisturizers are out there?

If you were to use this device for a year, shaving your face once a month, it would cost you about $286 CAD or $229 USD (when purchased at Sephora). If you were to use a new fake ebay Tinkle razor once a month for a year, it would cost about $5. I personally reuse a a single razor a few times so for me it would be $3.

Buy or Pass?
I like the effect but not enough to invest money in it. It's essentially, an expensive vibrating tinkle razor. Dermaflash says that the difference between their device and a Tinkle razor is the Dermaflash is a dermaplanning device. In that case, so is a Tinkle single razor because those make my face feel like a baby's butt.

Dermaflash vs compared to tinkle single blade face shaving how to shave face
Dermaflash vs compared to tinkle single blade face shaving how to shave face
This Tinkle is really old (used 8-10 times) I really don't see or feel a huge difference between the blades.
*pr sample

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17 June 2017

Sormè Cosmetics | Color Correcting Concealers & Micro Blending Sponges

Sormè Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealers & Micro Blending Sponges bbloggersca fluores
Sormè is a brand I discovered in store at Cosmoprof. They are the most cheap in price there. Unfortunately you need a professional license to shop there. Basically if you are or know a hair stylist, esthetician etc, you can purchase items there. They don't really care if you use someone elses card. You can go into your local Cosmoprof to swatch their products and buy them online.

Sormè Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealers & Micro Blending Sponges bbloggersca fluores


Sormè Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealers & Micro Blending Sponges
Sormè Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealers & Micro Blending Sponges bbloggersca fluores
There are cases where a colour correcting product works well. But i've never invested in a colour correcting product for myself because I just saw it as an extra step, more money to spend and a good way to get the cake face look.

I've started using every shade in this palette except the orange one to see if i'm missing out by not colour correcting. I do like how it's been working but not enough to reach for everytime I do makeup. It's pigmented in colour but very emollient. It can be difficult to cover the shades that are very different than my skin because foundation and concealer sort of mix with it's emoliency if i'm not careful. I need to set it with powder heavily. I've been liking the yellow and peach shades for my under eyes a lot. If you're pale, you won't get use out of that dark orange shade unless you want a horrible time covering it. If you have a deep skintone, you won't get a lot of use out of the green. I see this palette as ideal for makeup artists who work with many skintones and people with medium skintones.

Buy or Pass?
I'd pass unless you're a makeup artist who will get use out of the whole palette. I feel it's too pricey to not use every shade.

More Info:
$27- 40 CAD | $29 USD | 8 grams of product | Paraben Free | Cruelty Free | Made in USA

Store Links (not affiliate):


Sormè Cosmetics Micro Blending Sponges  cosmoprof cruelty free
Sormè Cosmetics Micro Blending Sponges  cosmoprof cruelty free
Sormè Cosmetics Micro Blending Sponges beauty blender mini dupe wet and dry
If you think the colours of these sponges do something, they don't. Now that aside, I ADORE these sponges!!! Forget about the Beauty Blender minis. These are legit the same but your get more. They're soft, squishy and grow to be nearly 2 times larger when wet. I use them to concealer my whole eye area on the regular. It's nice to use the correlating colours with the Color Correcting Conceal because you are less likely to see colour stains.

Buy or Pass? 
Love these! They're cheaper than the Beauty Blender Mini and probably just as good. If you love your Beauty Blender Mini but can easily get your hands on these, i'd recommend you do that.

More Info:
$9-13 CAD | Cruelty Free | Made in P.R.C | Limited Edition

Store Links (not affiliate):
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*pr sample