21 October 2017

Pixi Skincare Review | Best of Bright

I love when skincare companies released little trial packs. I love spending minimal money to try lots of things out to find out if it's worth buying. This travel sized pack is $22 USD. I think i'll get maybe a month of regular use from each of samples. They're big enough in size to find out how my skin will react. I haven't noticed a huge change in my acne or pih, but I only use these products about once a week for my skin. I like 2/3 products I tried, but I can't say enough for me to buy/regularly incorporate them into my skincare regime. I think there are products here that others would like. This pack makes an awesome gift.


Contains 5% glycolic acid. This gentle yet effective cleanser exfoliates to remove dead skin cells and reveal more radiant and healthy skin. Detoxes pores and deep cleans by drawing out impurities.

I was not a a fan of this cleanser. The fact that it contains mud seems cool, but I find it kind of gimmicky. This cleanser didn't leave my skin feeling clean. Have you ever use a mud face mask and it left a ton of a gross feeling residue/layer that you felt inclined to wash your face with a cleanser. This does that. In fact, I had to wash my face twice just to remove the layer it left. It's thick, smelling and feeling similar to a fragranced clay mask. It does give a bit of a cooling sensation. It doesn't bubble much. I think it cleans, but not as much as I would like.


Exfoliating toner with 5% glycolic acid. Evens out skintone for a brighter, clearer, smoother complexion. Alcohol free. Contains fragrance. 

I don't use this regularly. Deciem is not convinced that daily use of acid peels are good for skin. I really consider that. They say that use of acids cause inflammatory effects that can contribute to accelerated aging. Paula Begoun of Paula's Choice however, speaks very highly of acids.
So I limit use. I use this maybe 2-3 a week. I haven't noticed much difference in my skin but i'm sure it's working. I've had no breakouts or purging. It feels very dry (not much slip or emoliency). It quickly absorbs into skin which I LOVE. I only dislike the very strong old lady perfume fragrance. Why Pixi, it was almost perfect!!!


Deep pore clearing, glow-revealing treatment mask. Great for congested, dull and tired skin. Contains ale, ginseng and various muds.

I think this is a great alternative to the expensive Glamglow masks. The colour is oddly satisfying and looks just like the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment. In fact, I think it works the exact same. I can't tell a difference. I don't ever notice huge skin improvements from incorporating a mask into my skincare regime. I think they're best for people with oily skin or large pores. I limit use of masks because I find they dry out my already drier skin. This one is actually not that drying which is nice. I use this about once a week or just on pimples to 'make them smaller'. I have no idea if it works but I like to think it detoxes my pimples. Like many face masks, this leaves a bit of a residue. It also makes your face smell like the floral fragrance it contains. I'm not a mud mask person but this is nice other than the fragrance!

You can buy these products on the Pixi website, Ulta, Sephora AU, ASOS or at Shoppers Drugmart in Canada.

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20 October 2017

PIXI MATTE LAST LIQUID LIP IN REALLY ROSE | Best Drugstore Matte Liquid Lipstick Ever!?

I'm SO impressed with this liquid lipstick. I find a lot of drugstore priced liquid lipsticks are duds. Not this one. I find it very long wearing. I would wear this everyday the shade I had was more wearble in colour.

This applies like a super opaque lipstick lipstick. It dries down to be tacky, but not so tacky that if you press your lips together it peels the layer off. It does transfer and isn't super difficult to wipe off. I don't get a feeling of burning lips or dry lips at all. I love that the fragrance is almost undetectable and yummy (candycane?).

$14 USD is a little bit of a steep price, but I think it's worth to spend a little more at the drugstore to get a good liquid lipstick. It's also a lot cheaper than the average $25 liquid lipstick at Sephora.

You can buy this lipstick at Shoppers Drugmart in Canada, Target, Ulta or the Pixi Website.

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19 October 2017


The Nyx Away We Glow Highlighters come in 9 gorgeous that, all of which are paraben free and cruelty free. I've been enjoying using this liquid highlighter for when I want an intense more wet looking glow. It's gorgeous. It's glowiness is a step under the Coverfx Custom Enhancer Drops. I would describe it's formula as 1 part an average liquid highlighter, 1 part gel. It's thicker than a liquid. It almost feels dry to blend. Like every liquid highlighter i've used on top of foundation, after a few hours my foundation starts to disappear. For me to love this highlighter, i'd like it to be a little easier to blend. It dries fast. I know the foundation disappearing thing is a fact of a liquid highlight. If you want an affordable highlighter that doesn't do that, NYX has some of great options.

You can buy this palette for $7 USD or $10 CAD at Ulta, the Nyx website or in their store.

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12 October 2017

Swatch & Review | NYX Contour Intuitive Palette in Amplify

This is a NYX product that seems to be overlooked. It's fairly new, but we haven't heard much about it. There are 5 totally different palettes available. This one is not the most cohesive one, meaning if you were to use everything in it in one look, there's potential that you'd look a little crazy.

Regardless, the performance of this palette pleasantly surprised me. Everything feels a little hard and doesn't have mind blowing swatches but the performance of the majority of this palette was on point. I compared the vibrant aquamarine colour to a similar one in my Viseart palette, and they looked very similar in a swatch (see video). There is minimal fallout throughout the palette which is nice. In the eyeshadow section of the palette, I would say the top right shade was a dud. The similarly coloured pink highlighter was far better, so I use that instead (see purple look). Everything else was good. Everything lasted well. I will say always an eyeshadow primer or decent concealer! Thee shadows call for it especially.

This palette includes:
A pink-champagne duo chrome highlight
A pale blue highlighter
A rose pink (matte)
An aquamarine eyeshadow (matte)
A cream white eyeshadow (matte)
A soft pink eyeshadow (dusty glitter)
A pale dusty purple (matte)
A royal purpose (shimmer)
A neutral dark brown (matte)

You can buy this palette for $20 USD or $22 CAD at Ulta, the Nyx website or in their store.

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