14 November 2016

Colourpop International Ordering 2016 | Canadian Experience

Ordered Received: October 26, 2016
Order Shipped: November 3, 2016
Package Received: Novemeber 13, 2016
Length of Wait: 19 Days to near Toronto
Cost: $52 US = $71.50 CND with exchange and tax. 
No custom fees.

Colourpop has offered free shipping international shipping for those that spend $50. 

For first time buyers, we are provided with $5 off coupon for those that sign up for the Colourpop newsletter. This could cut down the shipping costs for those that spend under the required price needed to get free shipping. Unfortunately, this deal can't be used when there is a special promotion going on! For example, Colourpop offered free highlighters dependant on how much you spend. I took advantage of this, spending $50 to be eligible for free shipping and getting 2 free highlighters. I could not use my $5 off coupon for my first ever order because I took advantage of the free highlighter deal.

Shipping Experience

Right after ordering, I got an email saying my order would take 3-5 days to ship. I got another email on the fifth day saying " There may be a delay in the arrival of your most recent purchase due to the current high volume of orders." That made sense because of the recent promos. My order was shipped one week after ordering. I was watching updates on my package through Colourpop as well as the USPS website tracker. They often conflicted with what they told me. Colourpop would tell me my package was in Toronto one day, Louisville the next day and California the next. Very inn-inaccurate. It was on a Sunday that I got my package and I had no idea it was coming! I didn't even know it was possible to get a package on Sunday. In the early morning before I got the package, I had checked for an update (just because) and the first image is what I saw. No indication that it was nearby. The huge box was just left outside and thankfully no one stole it. And nothing was broken.

Last update before I got my package.
Update after I got


The packaging was great and funny. They had a big ol sticker to notify the carriers that it was fragile. They had a huge box protecting the Colourpop boxes within it. When I opened it, I thought they gave me standard boxes but to my enjoyment, it was their pretty boxes. You open it up and it has all the designs and stuff. Everything I bought was there. Some of the lipstick boxes weren't closed. I didn't care.

That's everything though. If you have any questions, shoot me a comment below!

12 November 2016


I've decided to start a new post series aimed towards Canadian shoppers. How many times have you considered buying from an online website and wondered 'How long will it really take to get my items?' or 'How much will I really be spending?'.

As a regular online shopper, I can help there! Stick around for future posts on my Canadian experience buying from Forever21, Colourpop, Sephora, AliExpress, Chapters, Ebay, Paulas Choice etc.

WELL.CA is a Canadian online health, beauty and skincare store. They literally sell EVERYTHING. I buy makeup and skincare items that I have trouble finding in Canadian healthstores or drugstores.

Shipping: Shipping is now free for orders $29 CAD +. Orders under $29 CAD are subject to a $5.95 economy shipping fee. Once upon a time, shipping was free for orders $25 CAD +. Shipping is free in the US for orders over $99 CAD.

I have gotten my orders in the GTA always 1-3 business days from when they actually ship it.

Prices: The pricing is a hit or miss. Some of the pricing on makeup is about the same as in stores or more expensive than say Walmart (about Shoppers Drugmart pricing without any sale). It seems that skincare often goes on sale. So be conscious of that.

Promos & Discounts: If you sign up for their email, you'll be notified of any discounts. It's usually things like 10% off all ____ products. Sometimes you get a free sample with an order. I once got a really nice Monica eye cream that I still have. The best thing I have gotten is a Skinfix Body Repair Paste. It lasted years. I'm not sure if they still regularly include samples. If you refer a friend, you give $10 and get $10 off your purchase only if they buy.

Makeup: They sell some cool indie makeup brands as well as commercial brands. I recommend you check out Pure Anada for Canada made natural makeup that is decently priced.

Skincare: They're skincare selection is a winner for me. It has a wonderful selection. I think they're selection of natural skincare products is great. I wish they would sell the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay!
Past Purchases: 
(*) shown first image
Bold are good deals & favs

Sukin Purifying Facial Masque   Aleva Natural Daily Soothing Moisturizer
Now Vegetable Glycerin*   Marcelle 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water*
Afragreen Black Seed Soap   Milani Color Statement Lipliner *
Milani Matte Naked Lipstick*   Pure Anada Bronzer/Blush*
Dr Bronners Castille Soap*   Millcreek Biotin Shampoo*
Boo Bamboo Face Lotion*    Boo Bamboo Volumizing Mousse*
Green Beaver Extra Gentle Sunflower Bar Soap*
EO Shower Gel*   Thayers Witch Hazel*
Natures Gate Sunless Tanner

Past Free Samples:
Monica Schnarre iampure Anti Aging Night Cream*
SkinFix Body Repair Paste*

I really liked this moisturiser.

Cool Finds:
Pure Anada Pressed Mineral Eye Color Pan $6.80 (sale

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + Hyaluronic Acid $8.90

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + Hyaluronic Acid $6.79

Beauty Blender $ 18 (sale)

Aura Cacia Organic Rosehip Skin Care Oil Boxed $10.79 (sale)

2 November 2016

ABH Master Palette By Mario | Review & Try On | Arm & Eye Swatches

Current availability:

  • No longer sold on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website.
  • As of November 1 2016. Sephora.com/ca has discontinued the Master Palette (after about 3 weeks of selling) They currently have no plans of restocking it. I hope they decide to bring it back seeing as it's so in demand! I think the Master Palette should be a permanent addition or a once a year release.
  • Ulta.com no longer has this palette in stock

ABH Master Palette Swatches

This is a very easy product to review because it's so good! The pigmentation is amazing. I adore 11/12 of the shades (Hollywood not so much). 

When I swatched these in Sephora, I felt *a little* disappointed for a moment because I expected one swipe and swatch to look very pigmented like what I saw in swatch pictures online. What I needed to keep in mind was I was swatching on a dry arm where the swatch pictures I saw were on a primed arm and built up over and over so every shade was the same pigmentation. I quickly realized that, bought it and was not disappointed! In my video review, you'll see I apply each shade the same way, with minimal effort. I don't try to make them look amazing. And this is how it turned out. That's impressive.

ABH Master Palette Brush

The brush looks cheap but does the job really well! I like the brush but I expected something more luxurious for the cost of the palette. The palette is made in USA and the brush in China.

ABH Master Palette Close up Shades

Wearable shades
'Kick up' of shadow
Paraben free
Talc free
Cruelty free
Made in the USA

Pricey ($60cnd/$45 us)
Small product amount
Cheap brush made in China
Limited edition/difficult to buy

Watch the video for live arm and eye swatches!