28 June 2017

REVIEW | Is Dermaflash Cruelty Free? Is it better than a Tinkle Razor? Does Shaving Cause Acne?

Customer Service Experience:
I have a fuzzy face. And as a half Italian, a lot of the fuzz is thicker and darker. When I saw the Dermaflash being recommended in a video, I got that 'have to try it feeling because it's probably better than what I use' feeling. As a newly cruelty free blogger, I dropped the ball on this one though. I asked Dermaflash if they were cruelty free and their workers said yes twice (and yes I have 'receipts'). I emailed their customer service email. I pondered at their animal testing statement and the fact that it clearly said they were not cruelty free yet the customer service rep told me they were. So I sent about 3 more emails asking the hard questions (from different email accounts) and they wouldn't budge. They dodged all my questions so I eventually let them know how I felt about that. Consumers have the right to easily find these things out. They suggested I called their 1-800 number and I did. Whoever I talked to said that the device was not tested on animals but the skincare product ingredients were... So Dermaflash is not cruelty free.

Animal Testing Statement:
DERMAFLASH does not conduct testing for any purposes other than worker, environment or consumer safety. DERMAFLASH Regulatory Affairs, in accordance with guidance from the US FDA, OSHA, EU and other international regulatory agencies only perform approved alternatives to animal tests. DERMAFLASH does not conduct or contract animal testing on finished products.

Device Experience:
After testing the Dermaflash, I have to say it worked well. It forces you to be gentle which is good. It's not super sharp and doesn't cut the hair too close to my face. I can get a much closer shave with my Ebay Tinkle though. With the Dermaflash, I feel more stubble. The good thing about that is it's less likely to give you acne, though neither have for me anyways. The Dermaflash was no faster than my usual face shaving method. It does take time to set it up and learn how to safely use it and charge it. Dermaflash tells you to not reuse a blade more than once. You can manage to get maybe 2 to 3 shaves on different occasions out of one razor but once the battery runs out, that's it, you are forced to remove the blade so you can charge it.. It's actually designed amazingly. I personally would like to shave my face twice a month, so using a new blade twice a month is not economical for me.

Cleanse & Smooth Step:
Ironically the cleanser and moisturizer are nothing special. If Dermaflash is considered to not be cruelty free because of those two items, what are you doing!? How many good cruelty free cleansers and moisturizers are out there?

If you were to use this device for a year, shaving your face once a month, it would cost you about $286 CAD or $229 USD (when purchased at Sephora). If you were to use a new fake ebay Tinkle razor once a month for a year, it would cost about $5. I personally reuse a a single razor a few times so for me it would be $3.

Buy or Pass?
I like the effect but not enough to invest money in it. It's essentially, an expensive vibrating tinkle razor. Dermaflash says that the difference between their device and a Tinkle razor is the Dermaflash is a dermaplanning device. In that case, so is a Tinkle single razor because those make my face feel like a baby's butt.

Dermaflash vs compared to tinkle single blade face shaving how to shave face
Dermaflash vs compared to tinkle single blade face shaving how to shave face
This Tinkle is really old (used 8-10 times) I really don't see or feel a huge difference between the blades.
*pr sample

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17 June 2017

Sormè Cosmetics | Color Correcting Concealers & Micro Blending Sponges

Sormè Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealers & Micro Blending Sponges bbloggersca fluores
Sormè is a brand I discovered in store at Cosmoprof. They are the most cheap in price there. Unfortunately you need a professional license to shop there. Basically if you are or know a hair stylist, esthetician etc, you can purchase items there. They don't really care if you use someone elses card. You can go into your local Cosmoprof to swatch their products and buy them online.

Sormè Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealers & Micro Blending Sponges bbloggersca fluores


Sormè Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealers & Micro Blending Sponges
Sormè Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealers & Micro Blending Sponges bbloggersca fluores
There are cases where a colour correcting product works well. But i've never invested in a colour correcting product for myself because I just saw it as an extra step, more money to spend and a good way to get the cake face look.

I've started using every shade in this palette except the orange one to see if i'm missing out by not colour correcting. I do like how it's been working but not enough to reach for everytime I do makeup. It's pigmented in colour but very emollient. It can be difficult to cover the shades that are very different than my skin because foundation and concealer sort of mix with it's emoliency if i'm not careful. I need to set it with powder heavily. I've been liking the yellow and peach shades for my under eyes a lot. If you're pale, you won't get use out of that dark orange shade unless you want a horrible time covering it. If you have a deep skintone, you won't get a lot of use out of the green. I see this palette as ideal for makeup artists who work with many skintones and people with medium skintones.

Buy or Pass?
I'd pass unless you're a makeup artist who will get use out of the whole palette. I feel it's too pricey to not use every shade.

More Info:
$27- 40 CAD | $29 USD | 8 grams of product | Paraben Free | Cruelty Free | Made in USA

Store Links (not affiliate):


Sormè Cosmetics Micro Blending Sponges  cosmoprof cruelty free
Sormè Cosmetics Micro Blending Sponges  cosmoprof cruelty free
Sormè Cosmetics Micro Blending Sponges beauty blender mini dupe wet and dry
If you think the colours of these sponges do something, they don't. Now that aside, I ADORE these sponges!!! Forget about the Beauty Blender minis. These are legit the same but your get more. They're soft, squishy and grow to be nearly 2 times larger when wet. I use them to concealer my whole eye area on the regular. It's nice to use the correlating colours with the Color Correcting Conceal because you are less likely to see colour stains.

Buy or Pass? 
Love these! They're cheaper than the Beauty Blender Mini and probably just as good. If you love your Beauty Blender Mini but can easily get your hands on these, i'd recommend you do that.

More Info:
$9-13 CAD | Cruelty Free | Made in P.R.C | Limited Edition

Store Links (not affiliate):
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5 June 2017

COLAB Dry Shampoo Review

My previous stop in finding the perfect (for me) cruelty free dry shampoo was with Batiste. I wasn't really a fan. I hated the scent and it made my head feel itchy. Also, they weren't really cruelty free.

I didn't realize Colab existed until I saw it advertised by Farleyco.ca, an online beauty store. They actually sent these travel sizes for me to try out. The travel size is only $1.99 on their site so I highly recommend you pick one up there first to try before committing to the full size. The full size is about $10 CAD. There are 11 cans to choose from. I've tried two formulas, extreme volume and invisible. The ingredients vary slightly. The extreme volume version has a few more added ingredients including talc and silica.

Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo | Toyko

This has an oriental scent. It smells a like a sweet candy and dusty like so many aerosol dry shampoos (probably from the talc and silica this one contains). There is a white cast that brushes out very well. It does a great job at masking oil. But like Batiste, I can't stand the chalky smell. I can't use this one.

Invisible Dry Shampoo | New York

This one smells a little fruity. It gives me Victoria Secret body spray vibes. I like the smell actually! I recommend this one over the previous. It works very well and doesn't smell dusty. Once again, the white cast brushes out. BUT, this one gives a stiffer, slightly crunchy feel to my hair which makes it a little harder to comb. Some people might not like this but I don't mind it. No one is running their hands through my hair. It would be great for teezing hair actually, especially if you've got that straight, slippery hair. 7.5/10 satisfaction.

Overall, I would say Collab is definitely a step above the Batiste dry shampoo. I'm still not 100% happy. I would prefer my dry shampoo to be scentless but i'll be buying these again as they're one of the cheapest and more effective out there. I recommend the 'Invisible' version they offer.

You can buy Collab Dry Shampoo at http://www.farleyco.ca/COLAB/Products.html  and Shopper Drugmart.

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2 June 2017


It's been a while since I was sent products for review that just knocked my socks off. I'm so impressed with the brand as a whole and highly recommend them. They're one of my favorites now. I have a video review below if you want to learn about them that way.

The first thing you might notice about the brand is the ancient Egypt theme. I'm a big history nerd, so this theme really attracts me. The actual Eye of Horus symbol means a lot of things, but essentially, it's a symbol of protection, royal power and good health. Fun fact.

The brand has a lot more going for them than the cool theme. This card summarizes what they're all about.

I love that they're cruelty and paraben free and use some organic ingredients. What makes them extra special to me is that their products are very water resistant and gentle for sensitive eyes. Most of the products have difficulty coming off with soap and water. Their eyeliners feel very light and skin-like even though they're water resistant. Also, nothing i've tried has made my sensitive eyes burn.


Goddess Pencils | $22.14 USD, $29.92 CAD| 1.2 g
They've done a really good job with these eyeliners. In general, they're creamy and pigmented but some more than others. They all set to be waterproof and stay in place. I would say these are ideal for oily-eyed people. I did my moms makeup before she went on a trip and she told me her liner hadn't creased at all after 10 hours. So, I recommend them. I have to mention that the shade Sahara Nude is a lot drier and stiffer than the rest of them. My favourite is the purple and blue shade because they are very emollient and fun. I'll be giving away the black shade to one of you (unused).

This is a drier and stiffer pencil. It does have full pigmentation but need a lot of work to get it to show on my waterline. I recently found that if I dry my waterline first, this pencil will stick and stay a long time.

This is a bronze with a subtle rose shift. It looks fairly matte when applied. It has a medium creaminess.

This is a violet purple with rose shimmer. It's very emollient and pigmented.

This is a violet blue with a purple shimmer shift, but it looks blue only. It's pigmented but it you look closely, you can see a bit of skin peak through in a swatch. I love this one.


Liquid Metals | $24.35 USD ,$32.91 CAD | 2.4 g | Vegan
These are the star of EoH.  Have you ever used a metallic eyeliner that felt like an uncomfortable, tight second skin? These feel like nothing is on your skin. The are super, super long wearing and waterproof. They'd make a great Coachella body tattoo. Every shade is extremely pigmented and gorgeous. Now they just need to make more colours. I'd like to see a metallic deep green. I also want to mention the felt tip. It's amazing. It bends at the tip like a calligraphy brush. You can make some cool designs with it.

This is an intense copper metallic.

This is a bronze shade that is similar to Copper Sphinx, but different. I personally would go for Copper Sphinx if I was trying to choose between the two.

This one is a yellow gold with a larger shimmer.

This is a white silver. It's my favourite because it's super intense and... I just like it.


Goddess Shadow Palettes | $33.95 USD, $44.88 CAD | 3.6g 12oz
The eyeshadows are another great product from them. They feel firm yet velvetty and a little buttery. You get 3 removable pans in each palette that are the standard eyeshadow width and hold 1.2 grams of product. They would be about $15 USD for each shadow if you broke it down like that. This is pricey and I don't feel the performance is anything special. I guess you could justify it this way: it's great for people with sensitive eyes, it's vegan and cruelty free.


Sheba  Mystical Goddess Palette | $33.95 USD, $44.88 CAD | 3.6g 12oz | Vegan
A champagne shimmer. It looks more silver when applied but looks warmer in a finger swatch. I have a feeling it's very similar to MUG Shimma Shimma. It's a great highlight.

A satin peachy shade. It's pigmentation is subtle.

A deep, muted purple metallic. It's pretty wearable actually.

Eye of Horus haul beauty bay makeup cosmetics sheba goddess shadow palette look review


Isis Sun Goddess Palette | $33.95 USD, $44.88 CAD | 3.6g 12oz | Vegan

This is a metallic peachy champ.

A metallic bronze. Very pigmented.

A wheat-khaki brown metallic.


Goddess Eyeshadow | $25.80 USD, $34.86 CAD | 8 g
I've been really enjoying this mascara because it's so easy to work with. It's not too wet and not too dry. It doesn't flake, smudge or any other bothersome issues you can encounter with mascaras. I can't speak for volume or lengthening abilities because my lashes as soooo short and stubborn that they fall down immediately. I use this on my lower lashes mainly. The shape of the want it ideal because it's shaped to fit the contour of your eye. This means an easier application. Recommend this one.


Liquid Define | $22 USD, $30 CAD | 2 g | Vegan
Are you super iffy marker liners like I am? This is now the exception to my weariness of marker styled liners. I love this! This eyeliner is superrrr pigmented and black and doesn't bleed/feather.  The finish is BEAUTIFUL. It's matte without being crackly and dry. The felt tip has a stiff base and a slightly bendable tip. It's really easy to make a sharp line. It doesn't feel like i'm poking my eye with a stick either. You really don't need much pressure to get product to show up. I'm concerned on how this will last through the next few weeks. Will it dry up? Will eyeshadow gunk up the outside? I don't think the pointed tip will dull. It's been 2 week and everything is perfect and i'm loving it.


Dual Dynasty Brow Perfect | $20.66 USD, $28 CAD  | Vegan

I've really been enjoying this product because it's fast as hell. You got a triangle shaped brow pencil on one end and a brow gel on the other. The shade I have is in Medium Brown. It suits my really dark brows very well because it's not orange in undertone. The pencil is hard and not super pigmented on a swatch but it's more than pigmented when applying because hairs tend to soften a pencil up and brows are often a little oily from skin, makeup or skincare. The pigmentation is perfect! It's just like the Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil actually. The gel end is very good too. It holds like a mens strong hold hair gel holds hair. It feels... kind of crunchy. That doesn't bug me. I hands down recommend this over the Benefit Goof Proof pencil, which is it's near dupe.

Eye of Horus haul beauty bay makeup cosmetics dynasty dual brow perfect review swatch swatches look medium brown


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