My obsession for makeup and skincare started in 2007 when I was a young teen who was getting more and more pimples. I flocked to YouTube to learn how to cover them. That's where I discovered Michelle Phans 'Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial'.

From there, my interest grew. I watched HOURS worth of her videos among other tutorials from the first Beauty Gurus ever (you never hear that term anymore). Sometimes I would try to recreate eye makeup looks with a little sponge applicator. My first attempts were really horrible (looking back now), but I felt good about it.

Since then, I learned how to properly apply makeup. Most of what I learned was from watching YouTube. In 2013 I graduated Canadian Beauty College with a certificate in makeup. That was where I learned to apply makeup on others! At first I found it much more challenging than applying on myself. But with practice I got good at that too.

Basically, this blog is the continuation of my obsession. You can expect a new post at least once a week and at most, 4 times a week. Sometimes I have pre-written posts and post one everyday.

Enjoy your browsing!

I am PR friendly. If you are a PR Rep interested in sending me products to review or feature, you can contact me though the email below. I publish through Instagram, Youtube and this blog.

In addition, if anyone wants to send me any message, you can through the same email :)


Companies I've Worked With (links)


Stila Cosmetics (coming soon)
Drugstore/Big Box Store
Vasanti Cosmetics
Wunder2 (coming soon)
Professional Beauty Supply
Indie/Online Based
Real Techniques
FaceOff Cloth


Juice Beauty (coming soon)

Ethic Background: 
Dutch & Northern Italian. Hints of random other things...
Fair & neutral. Basically no foundation out there is a perfect match.
(MUFE HD Foundation 117=Y225 and MAC NC15-20)
Skin Type: 
Normal with some dry patches. Cheeks prone to breaking out with certain foundations. Post acne marks mainly on cheeks and jawline. Usually 1 active pimple at a time.
Wavy-Curly. Medium thickness. Dark brown.
Brown. Hooded.
Straight, Short/Medium length (8mm). 

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